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nice game :)

great game, it was pretty fun, if I had money I would pay for it!

How do you access the treasure orb in the wraith mini-dungeon?

beat the wraith

then youll know

was revisiting the game just now and i forget whether traversing water was supposed to be locked off till later? i found if i just mashed jump i could get across any water easily

related: you stay alive indefinitely as long as you keep jumping, even if you have 0 hp

Yeah, both of those are bugs that I've never gotten around to fixing.

i remember some of the bugs were things i mentioned during playtest that you simply did not have the token space to fix so sorry if i repeated any ^^ anyway this game is still cool and fun :3


Hi NMcCoy ! The game is awesome. I absolutely loved it. Now wanna launch a speedrun community...
I don't know if this has been asked but... what's up with the hidden little patch of sand at the top of the map ? Moment of meditation maybe ? Or did i miss a secret ?

Thanks for putting it in the bundle, i loved it sooooo so much !

Just a nice quiet atmospheric place, yeah, if I understand the place you're referring to.

i love it ! Thanks again for the game, truly a good time 

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You wrote the music for this game, right?  I ended up finding your bandcamp page and used Bandcamp Friday to pick up your other albums.  But...will Dragondot 3 ever show up there?  Edit: That was silly of me; I forgot I already have the soundtrack from here.  It's late o'clock and I've had a long day...


This is an amazingly charming little game!  I wasn't expecting much from the silly premise of simplifying a a dragon's appearance to a dot, but it turns out have both a surprising amount of exploration and gameplay depth, as well as a number of adorable moments.  I especially love the main theme; it's just so upbeat and tuneful!  (and I feel bad every time I kill a kobold by accident...)

Thank you so much for sharing this game in that giant bundle.  I've mentioned it a few times already among friends.  I'm thinking of streaming it specifically for a few friends who I know appreciate the 2D Zelda games.


I loved it! I saw your post earlier on about winning conditions being that you can beat all the bosses, discover the whole map or make a horde that you're satisfied with. Well I decided to do all of them. Excited for dragondot 4. Make it even bigger next time. With even more upgrades! 


Is there any secret on the sun cave in the volcano?

Not as far as I know.

I didn't just visit the Sun Cave but I went to the sun! :D

I've been treating that screen as an unofficial end condition.  I figure that if I wanna speedrun it the requirements will be "beat all the bosses then go to the sun".

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There is a glitch, if you are standing on the purple tile in the bottom right corner of the map, then open the gravestone, you become softlocked and cannot move.

thanks for the report!

This game is cute.

I found another kobold somewhere, is there a way to bring him back to the hoard?

The kobolds out in the wilderness cannot be brought to your lair, but they will heal you and provide tribute if you have the appropriate abilities unlocked.

Is there a way to win?  As far as I can tell, I seem to have gotten everything, but I can't figure out what to do next.  (Also, the only way I could get to the giant is by damage boosting; is there some ability I'm missing somehow?)

There's no explicit victory condition; feel free to consider yourself to have won if you've beaten all five bosses (as indicated by the orbs in the lair). Exploring the whole map, amassing a hoard that you're proud of, or just deciding that you're done are all also valid ways to win. 

There's a couple ways to reach the giant; rocket jump + wings + lunging bite is my suggested damage-free approach.